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About us

About the No Frills Auto Rental Site

This site is tied to our inventory so that anything listed on this site is available when you book a rental.  When something is not available it won't show on this site.  Most classes have several options and our inventory software integrates with this site so that we can offer you only those vehicles that are available at any day and time.

The purpose of this website

This site shows what categories are available with the appropriate costs and option to use your own insurance or pay extra for our insurance coverage.  Sometimes the vehicle shown will be a different color than what we have in inventory and if you call our phone number at the time you are booking a rental the owner can let you know what colors are available.

Processing payments

We process payments through PayJunction, one of the premier automobile processing companies in the USA handling some of the largest sales and rental companies in the country.  The payments are secure because they are all handled on a secure processing server as required by Visa and Master Card.


PayJunction's commitment to security is of the highest level. We use the highest level of encryption and the latest security tools to ensure that our merchants and customers feel secure. We would like to highlight some of the key features of our security.

To verify that PayJunction is Level 1 PCI Compliant, please visit Visa's Global Registry of Service Providers, then search for "Messiahic". Or, simply click here to go directly to Visa's listing for PayJunction.

What level of encryption does PayJunction use?

All of PayJunction's processing uses prioritized encryption of TLS 1.2 with 256 bit encryption if the client connection will accept it. If not, PayJunction will allow TLS 1.1, followed by the minimum grade security of TLS 1.0 with 128 bit encryption as a last resort. Any attempted connections using lower security standards are explicitly blocked by PayJunction.

For new customers wanting to connect, PayJunction requires TLS version 1.2 to comply with the update to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) requirement scheduled for June 2018. It is our hope that this will encourage developers integrating our secure gateway service to be as secure as possible on their end to protect our mutual merchants' and their customers' sensitive data.

What is TLS? Is this different than SSL?

In order to protect your data from unauthorized third parties, client software such as your web browser will encrypt the data before sending it. This is accomplished by the client (your web browser) and the server (the PayJunction gateway) agreeing to encrypt the connection while they communicate. The modern and secure protocol for performing this encryption is called Transport Layer Security (TLS) and is the successor and replacement to the older Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL) which is no longer considered secure. Due to SSL being the standard for many years, and for the sake of simplicity, "SSL" is usually used to refer to the use of encryption regardless of whether it is the TLS or SSL protocol being used. In other words, SSL is the old word for TLS.